The new girl code is an initiative of InspiringFifty, a non-profit that aims to increase diversity in tech by making female role models more visible. With the book, InspiringFifty wants to create a role model for young girls as well. Somebody they can relate to, somebody that could be them. With the book we want to light that first sparkle, show them the possibilities of technology, how much fun and creative it is and how it is relevant to them. ‘If she can see it, she can be it’.

Young girls often reject technology as an option. They feel it is boring, difficult and that they are not capable of it. The problem is, their idea of what tech is, is incomplete and they don’t see how it would fit in their future. At the same time, these girls are making important decisions about their education and not choosing STEM subjects will hugely impact their future. It limits their individual potential and the choices and opportunities they will have later in life. By allowing our girls to believe that technology is in some way not relevant to them, we are doing them, ourselves and our companies a huge disservice.

The book, tells the story of a 15-year-old girl as she begins to discover new worlds: technology, entrepreneurship and learning how to code. It is a story about technology, but also friendship, love, fashion, relationships and all other things in the life of a 15-year-old. The main character comes across all the challenges, setbacks and successes any technology entrepreneur faces. But most importantly, she discovers how magical working in technology can be—that amazing feeling that comes from seeing an idea become a reality, something you can actually use and that is impacting other people’s lives for the better.