A recent study underlines the need for initiatives such as this one. Girls lose interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) at a very young age, and both female role models and the need to provide girls with the opportunity to express their creativity through hands-on experiences are seen as crucial to change this. We need this change for the girls themselves, but also for an economy that cannot afford to forget these girls. Around 90% of jobs are estimated to need at least some level of digital skills and we are already facing a big shortage of skilled people to fill all jobs in technology. A shortage that will only increase. Also, with the increasing importance of technology in almost every aspect of our lives, diversity in technology will be key in ensuring our future to be inclusive.

This initiative is specifically focused on providing a role model, inspiring girls to look at technology in a different way. There are many amazing initiatives aimed at developing digital skills with girls, providing them with a hands-on experience. Where those initiatives aim at girls that already show an interest in technology, we aim at the ones that really do not feel it is for them. Inspire them so they will show an interest in joining these initiatives. We strongly believe making that group much bigger is an important part of solving the diversity in tech puzzle.